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Repowering a wind turbine is the process of replacing an older turbine with a newer more efficient model or components that will increase capacity, power generated and income from the turbine.

As wind turbines reach the end of their expected life cycle, becoming outdated or just inefficient considering Repowering is a viable way of improving your turbine’s performance as well as extending its life.

The Everun Repowering Service has been specifically developed to support turbine owners through the entire process, including initial due diligence through to turbine commissioning and compliance.

Starting the process involves an initial Screening Study followed by a Feasibility study, both of which are outlined below:

 Screening Study

Initial investigation into primary planning consideration required to progress planning approval, as well as any other environmental considerations. 

Feasibility Study

A thorough analysis of each component part required within the planning process, DNO requirements, turbine model suitability and estimated yield. A report on the findings will provide recommendations on turbine models and next steps.

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Guiding you through the Wind Repowering process from initial due diligence through to turbine commissioning and compliance

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Maximising energy output and financial returns in six stages...

Financial Services by Everun
1. Analysis
  • Thorough analysis of planning requirements
  • Turbine Model Suitability
  • Energy Yield Assessment including P50 Value & Analysis
  • Full financial asset analysis and financial viability audit
  • Project financial return analysis
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2. Planning
  • Submission and management of the planning amendment
  • Management of any required external noise or bat survey
  • Client Representative with all relevant Consultees
  • grid Connection Amendment Management
Asset Management
3. Turbine Supply
  • Foundation Design
  • Sourcing selected turbine model
  • Contract and transport management
  • Refurbishment process (if applicable)
4. Wind Turbine Decommissioning
  • Management and dismantling of existing turbine
  • Clearance and preparation of turbine site
  • Transportation of turbine to storage facility or disposal
Repowering with Everun
5. Construction & Build Management
  • Foundation laying & management
  • Replacement of turbine foundation to suit upgrades model design
  • Transportation and erection of new upgraded turbine
  • Full turbine commission
6. Compliance Management
  • Management of Ofgem accreditation amendment
  • Ensure compliance with NIROC requirements
  • Planning Compliance Management

Repowing Calculator

Everun proved to be professional and knowledgeable on all aspects of the installation and commissioning requirements, with a thorough approach in planning and delivery. Their Engineering team coordinated all required third parties on site and had the project completed with the minimum of downtime and lost production.
Kevin McGurgan, Conway Energy
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