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Smart Motor Systems

Turntide Smart Motor Systems

Reduce your energy consumption and save money. Our unique, guided approach is tailored to your energy needs.

Optimising your HVAC efficiency is a high impact energy conservation measure that delivers immediate and long-term savings

Turntide's patented high rotor pole switched reluctance motor with advanced device physics runs more efficiently and reliably.


  • Everun will carry out monitoring and validation on your existing motors to highlight the energy savings your business can benefit from by switching to an efficiency motor.
  • Accelerate change in your industry by integrating a smart motor system.
  • Turntide's Smart Motor System enable motors to be retrofitted in your business premise


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2 Year

Payback Period


Reduction in HVAC energy usage (*up to 60*)

50 %

of the World is made up of motors

Everun are early adopters of Turntide Smart Motor Systems in Ireland

Everun believe in Turntide's goal to eliminate the 25% of global electricity consumption that is wasted by legacy electric motors. Our shared mission is to accelerate the world’s transition from fossil fuels and leaving them in the ground where they belong. 

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Turntide Smart Motor Systems

Our turntide technologies accelerate electrification and sustainable operations for high energy users.

  • More efficient
  • More Intelligent
  • Ultra reliable
  • Simple drop-in solution
  • Standard NEMA dimensions
  • No rare earth materials

Energise your business with Everun Smart Motor Systems

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