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Frequently Asked Questions

Reduce your energy consumption and save money. Our unique, guided approach is tailored to your energy needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you help my business?

    As the world is becoming much more energy conscious, businesses everywhere are turning to more sustainable models of energy usage. 

    We will get under the bonnet of your business' energy consumption and implement personalised energy solutions, helping you protect against volatile energy markets, reduce costs, improve productivity and slash your carbon footprint.

  • What services do you offer?

    At Everun, we offer various services to suit your energy needs. Our renewable services comprise of the following:


    • Wind Turbine Generator services.  Our team manages the day to day challenges associated with the management, operation and administration of WTGs.


    • Asset Management services. Everun manage all aspects of administrative, financial, capital and operations of your asset portfolio. 


    • Operations and Maintenance services.  Through our O&M, we aim to maximise availability, usage and revenue.


    • Repowering services. We guide you safely through the repowering process which has been specifically developed to support turbine owners through the entire process, including initial due diligence through to turbine commissioning and compliance.  Starting the process involves an initial Screening Study which is then followed by a Feasibility study.


    • Solar solutions.  Through our high performance photovoltaic solutions, you can power your business using the sun.


    • Electric Vehicle Charging solutions. We design, build and support EV charging solutions for businesses, workplaces and commercial premises throughout Ireland. We are fully OZEV accredited and will offer a free site survey if you're thinking of installing chargers at your business.


    • Renewable Switchover.  Through our VPPA structure, we support bringing new, clean renewable energy onto the grid on your behalf to allow you to meet sustainability goals.


    • Monitoring Software. We have designed a powerful monitoring and management platform which is designed to drive asset availability and performance.
  • Why Everun?

    For over 10 years Everun have been specialists in energy management, guiding businesses through conscientious energy management reviews and implementing integrated energy solutions.

    Our aim is to optimise efficiency of energy usage in businesses across the UK and Ireland, and to maximise the performance of their energy assets.

  • Is there any current job listings at Everun?

    We are always keen to recruit enthusiastic and talented individuals who can help join us in our energy revolution.

    If we are currently recruiting, any job listing can be found on our careers page. Click here to find out more. 

  • Am I eligible for the OZEV grant?

    The OZEV grant is available for businesses looking to install EV Chargepoints at their premises.

    The Government OZEV scheme provides grants of up to £350 per charging outlets in the workplace. Up to 14,000 is available for businesses, up to 40 charge points. Our team will help with this process. 

    The government has introduced further grant funding for the installation of electric vehicle charging points and infrastructure known as the EV Infrastructure Grant.

    Through the EV Infrastructure Grant, your business can take advantage of:

    • £500 for each parking space that the charging infrastructure will provide a unique chargepoint socket
    • £350 towards the cost of buying and installing each chargepoint socket provided. This is in addition to the amount available for providing a space with charging infrastructure.

    To get a full break down on the OZEV Grants available, and your eligibility, please get in touch here.

    Full information on the grant offerings can be found on the Government website.

  • What's the difference between slow charging, fast charging and rapid charging?

    How fast your charging point is (how many kilowatts it charges at) will determine how fast your car will be recharged and this is usually categorised into slow, fast and rapid charging. 

    • Slow charging rates usually range between 2.3kW - 3kW.
    • Fast charging rates range between 7kW - 22kW.
    • Rapid charging is the fastest type of charging and provides a charging rate of 50kW.
  • Do solar panels produce energy even when it is cloudy?

    Solar panels will be much more efficient if it’s a bright and sunny day. Particularly if the sun is shining directly onto them, but they will work even if this is not the case, as long as there’s some sunlight. Modern solar panels will generate some power even on a dull, cloudy day.

  • Why should I install a Smart Motor System?

    Installing a Smart Motor System, such as Turntide, can boost your business performance and fast track your business towards net-zero.  It conserves energy through optimal device physics, intelligent automation, and is a low-risk, high-performance electrification.


    Check out our latest article on Smart Motor Systems here.

  • What are the benefits of a VPPA for a high energy user?

    The benefits of a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement for a high energy user allows your business to:


    • Helps to demonstrate green credentials and achieve net zero targets.
    • Improves financial security with long term price and budget certainty, migrating the risk from extreme market volatility.
    • With significant price benefit compared with the wholesale market, it also generates long-term savings for the business.


  • What features does your Monitoring Software include?

    Our Monitoring Software provides you with direct access to your assets' performance and health. A fully customisable dashboard consolidates monitoring information from your portfolio, allowing you display the KPIs you value the most.


    Our users enjoy utilising the following features the most:

    • Live monitoring and control of assets
    • Graphical representation of your onsite configuration 
    • Historical analysis 
    • Full customisable dashboard
    • Maps and Widgets 
    • Mobile View
    • Data export function 
    • Email and SMS Alerting 
    • Power Curve Analysis 
    • Health Monitoring
    • Industry specific data visualisation tools
    • Downtime Lost Export Calculation

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