Everun are early adopters of Turntide Smart Motor Systems in Ireland


Turntide Technology is a smart motor system that boosts your business performance and fast track organisation towards net-zero for sustainable operations and electrification. It conserves energy through optimal device physics, intelligent automation, and is a low-risk, high-performance electrification.

Optimising your HVAC efficiency is a high impact energy conservation measure that delivers immediate and long-term savings. 

Everun are early adopters of Turntide and believe in their goal to eliminate the 25% of global electricity consumption that is wasted by legacy electric motors. Our shared mission is to accelerate the world’s transition from fossil fuels and leaving them in the ground where they belong. 

With full distribution rights for the island of Ireland, our team of 18 field engineers will carry out monitoring and validation on your business’ existing motors and from there Everun then show a full desktop analysis which highlights the energy savings your business can benefit from using our smart motor systems.  

Everun then completes the cycle by installing the new Turntide system in your business premise and repeat the monitoring and validation to show the real life savings that can occur with an efficiency motor. 

Ross Moffett, Sales and Business Development Director at Everun, commented, saying:


“Everun currently are currently working with some of Northern Ireland's top companies across all sectors to help with energy savings including Agriculture, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Construction sectors to improve their energy efficiencies.”


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