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Solar Panels For Business

Reduce your energy consumption and save money. Our unique, guided approach is tailored to your energy needs.

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Everun are committed to innovative renewable energy solutions which is why we only engage with the market leading PV manufacturers so that we can maximise efficiencies for your business.


  • Bespoke solar design
  • Full planning
  • In house Project Management
  • Dedicated team of Everun engineers

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5 Years

Typical payback period


Potential solar generation in NI

12 Year

Product Warranty

Driving Tomorrow, Powering Today with Everun Solar Solutions.

The partnership between the dealership and Everun in implementing a solar PV solution demonstrates the positive impact of renewable energy on both operational efficiency and corporate sustainability. This successful initiative not only provided financial benefits but also strengthened the dealership's position as an environmentally conscious leader in the automotive industry.

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An all-in-one solar power solution

Everun provide high performance photovoltaic solutions which are used extensively in commercial and industrial rooftop PV systems and residential PV systems.  Combined with an all in-one-solutions with an inverter and battery system, you can run your business self-sufficiently using 100% clean energy.


  • Product Advice
  • Site Audit
  • Bespoke Design
  • Planning and Project Management
  • Install and Commissioning
  • Maintenance and Monitoring Dashboard

Energise your business with Everun Solar

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