Break The Cycle: Everun partners with Made For More in bid to support mental health & wellbeing initiative 'Rebuild'


Everun are pleased to partner with Made for More NI and their BREAK THE CYCLE campaign. We are cycling to raise money for young people and mental health.

BREAK THE CYCLE - Breaking the Cycle of mental ill-health across Northern Ireland's schools & youth organisations.

We are joining in partnership with the public, schools, youth organisations & local businesses across the province in order to fundraise for a multi region mental health & wellbeing initiative called "Rebuild".

Rebuild will deliver: 650 in person workshops based on mental health & wellbeing in schools & youth groups province wide, engaging with over 25,000 young people face to face by our team.

Why? What is the need?

Over 24% of the young people in Northern Ireland have experienced or are currently experiencing a serious mental health problem.

In the last year Northern Ireland has seen on average 1 suicide per day. Northern Irelands suicide rateis the highest in the UK. since the Good Friday Agreement, over 5,500 people have sadly taken their own lives.

Around 25 cases of self-harm are recorded on average at hospital emergency departments in Northern Ireland every day, new statistics show. It amounts to more than 45,000 self-harm incidents presented at A&Es in five years, according to the latest figures from the Public Health Agency. These figures are only those recorded, with many more cases happening in homes across the country that communicates a clear need for organisations to help young people work out the root of the problems they are experiencing, creating pathways to deal with these issues.

Social media: Nearly 60% of young people in Northern Ireland feel overwhelming pressure from social media, while over half feel inadequate when comparing their life to their friends on social media (Princes Trust eBay Youth Index)

To support the Made For More cause, you can donate here.