Everun Group launches izon Live, new stand-alone Software business

Belfast based software company izon has launched its new platform and identity today – izon live provides a scalable asset monitoring application that allows companies with remote or mobile assets to monitor data from their assets in one customisable platform. 

The platform was originally developed to monitor a large number of energy generation assets such as Wind Turbines and Anaerobic Digestion plants across NI, before being spun out by its owners to create izon live. Further business has been won in the offshore support industry, the team is working with Sea Source Offshore in Kilkeel delivering live monitoring for sub-sea assets, vessel management and reporting

The company has established a technology centre in Belfast focused on software development work and customer success roles. There are plans to double the team in the next year to complement the existing staff of 4. 

Aaron Devaney, CEO of izon live said: “We are excited to release our monitoring and workflow management platform izon. Increasingly businesses assets are becoming intelligent and sending information off to diverse systems which have stand alone applications. Your business has to integrate with them. The izon platform is different, it integrates with your business. We’ve built a platform that allows business to aggregate information from multiple sources, and its flexibility allows automation of existing business workflows.” 

The company is offering businesses with monitoring requirements a free demonstration on how it can integrate the assets which you want to keep izon!

Visit the new izon website here>>

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