Pig Farm Powered by the Sun

Everun partnered with one of the largest Pig Farms in Ireland after learning about their energy usage and how the rapidly rising energy prices were badly affecting the farm. Hanrahan is one of the largest Pig Farms in Ireland.  The farm's energy cost had increased 5x and they were looking for a sustainable way to continue farming.

Upon hearing this, Everun stepped in with a solar PV solution to fit the requirements of the farm and help efficiently manage the energy usage on the farm.  This was only the first stage of the overall energy solution created by Everun that was completely tailored to the farm's needs.

Throughout 10 days in September Everun’s team of MCS certified engineers installed a 300 kW solar system which consisted of 610 solar watt panels. These were installed across 5 of the farm's rooftops, as well as 8 Fronius inverters that were installed.  

The inverters act as a gateway between the photovoltaic (PV) system and the devices which draw energy from the system. Inverters are used to turn the DC output that is collected in the solar systems into alternative current AC that is used to power the farm.

162,795 kWh will be produced for the Pig Farm and our Operations and Maintenance team will continue to service the ammonia-resistant panels. Not only do Everun continue to maintain the solar panels, but we remotely monitor the solar solution to ensure it is providing the best energy output possible.

The owner of the farm commented on the energy installation provided by Everun, saying: 


“The farm was under pressure with energy prices rising so rapidly. Everun stepped in with a solar solution that has alleviated the pressure and has now allowed me to get maximising efficiency on the farm.”


Alongside the 162,795 kWh produced by the solar panels, Everun will continue to work with the farm to provide them with energy solutions to enable them a sustainable way to continue farming. This was stage one of their bespoke energy plan and we are currently in the planning stage of implementing a smart motor system in their business, alongside the feasibility of adding a wind turbine and solar farm to their overall solution.

To learn more about how you can join one of Ireland's largest Pig Farms in finding a suitable and sustainable energy solution, contact us here.