Another Successful Repowering Project for Everun

The Everun team recently completed a client Repowering project on the Carrickfergus Road site in Larne and we’re delighted to share this timelapse video that shows the project from start to finish over a six week period.

We replaced an older N29 Nordex Wind Turbine with a more powerful V39 on a 40 metre tower. The V39 will improve output and return on investment for our client.

Our Financial Services, Asset Management and Operations & Maintenance teams worked through financial viability, project feasibility, planning permission, Ofgem management, compliance, turbine acquisition and refurbishment, decommissioning, civils and build during July and August this year.

As a wind turbine reaches the end of it’s expected life cycle, becomes outdated or just inefficient, Repowering is a viable way of improving performance and extending the turbines longevity.

The Everun Repowering Service has been specifically developed to support turbine owners through the entire process, including initial due diligence through to commissioning and operation.

Read more information on our Repowering service here

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