Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIEN) have recently written to owners of Small Scale Generation (SSG), with generators greater than or equal to 200kW, requesting the installation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) as per the requirements of the Distribution Code.

SCADA enables the communication of real-time information and control between a generating station and NIEN’s Distribution Control Centre, and involves the installation of a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) to provide a communication link between the generating station and NIEN, and Reactive Power Control. 

SCADA requirements were detailed within original connection offers with NIEN and is a requirement of Connection Agreements. The NIEN costs associated with that have already been covered in the grid connection fee, including ongoing communication costs. However, the SCADA requirement has not been enforced until now. 

Next Steps

NIEN require all generating station owners to nominate and engage a qualified engineer to install and commission SCADA at your generating station. The deadline to do this is 31st January 2021.

Everun can confirm that we are a verified NIEN SSG SCADA Implementation installer.  

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