Energy monitoring software for a range of assets

All your Portfolio data in one powerful platform

Our in-house Software Development team have developed an innovative Energy Monitoring Software platform that allows asset owners to monitor, manage and control their assets. Our solution is scaleable and can be used across a range of industries including Wind Energy, Biogas Plants, Anaerobic Digestion, Waste Management and Water Management.

Features of the system include:

  • SCADA: Live monitoring and control of assets
  • Graphical representation of your onsite configuration
  • Historical analysis
  • Dashboard
  • Maps and Widgets
  • Mobile view
  • Data export function
  • Email and SMS Alerting
  • Power Curve Analysis
  • Health Monitoring
  • Industry specific data visualisation tools
  • Downtime Lost Export Calculation

The system is modular which allows our clients to select the features that are relevant to their business needs. Clients use the system to maximise output from their assets as well as to monitor faults and issues with assets.

  • Quantify loss of revenue due to assets not performing

  • Minimise the risk of human error by automating tasks

  • Time wasted carrying out admin intensive tasks manually

  • Compliance with Health & Safety or Audit Regulations

  • Management reporting data accuracy

  • Real time reporting issues and data gathering

O&M providers have all of the above benefits but also have access to an operations module which allows them to:

  • Schedule planned maintenance and allocate engineers

  • Record field service reports, time spent onsite, parts used

  • Operate a control centre with customisable fault workflows

  • Monitor team performance with KPIs

Above: Live & Historical Monitoring screens

Right: Control Centre Actions screen

Above: Live Monitoring screen

Below: Historical Monitoring & Control Centre Actions screens

Dashboard benefits include:

  • Output performance assessment via yield and power curve analysis
  • Early fault diagnosis and performance alerts
  • Target and budget tracking
  • Downtime/maintenance costs and lost revenue tracking
  • Historical, 30 min & monthly metering data
  • Access to full Operational Information
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