Servicing & Maintenance

Everun provides Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services, to include bi-annual servicing in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specification. Whilst this OEM preventative maintenance should be an industry standard, Everun also includes additional elements, such as advanced oil-sampling analysis and full oil-filter changes at every service, ensuring that the WTGs under Everun management run in optimised condition, reducing wear on major components. 

Everun also provides Proactive Maintenance, offering recommendations on upgrades and improvement to Asset Owners, to maximise production and minimise downtime associated with component failures. The Operational Availability in 2019 illustrates the success of this, reaching over 98% across more  than 100 single-site assets throughout Northern Ireland. This is achieved through a combination of highly skilled and experienced field engineers, qualified Control Centre technicians and highly intuitive, bespoke Monitoring software.

Everun’s 24/7/365 Monitoring Software provides our in-house technicians with a comprehensive set of data on the Asset, and allows the technicians to carry out remote fault diagnostics, fault resolution and resets along with the daily coordination of the O&M field activity. This detailed view of the Asset allows for Power Curve Analysis (performance-against-spec) and more in-depth performance analysis. This continual analysis allows Everun to ensure all the Assets under management operate as efficiently as possible, maximising performance and output. Asset owners have access to a bespoke dashboard, with the Monitoring provision. 

All Everun field engineers carry a significant range of equipment and OEM parts, with maintenance  vans provisioned and supported by a dedicated warehouse facility. Our warehouse also houses a substantial amount of major components such as gearboxes, generators and blades to provide stock in the event of a major component failure. Servicing kits, bespoke to the Asset make and model are also housed, as well as hydraulic and gear oil allowing unimpeded engineer repair and service visits. All consumables and lubricants are included within the O&M annual fee, and Everun covers all the recycling and disposal of waste products.

Everun offers a wide range of competitively-priced O&M packages and can tailor a solution to suit your specific needs and  requirements.

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