Everun Repowering project a success

As a wind turbine reaches the end of its life cycle, becomes outdated or inefficient, Repowering is a viable means of implementing considerable improvements and of course, extending a turbine’s life. 

Repowering of a Vestas 39 turbine is underway for our client the Conway Group. The turbine was built on their Ballymena site in 2008 and the Everun team has just recently completed the construction of a larger Vestas 44 to replace the older model.

The beginning of the project involved a site investigation to assess the existing turbine and the site environment as well as a full inspection of the nacelle and blades. Our Engineering team tested and replaced the existing electrical components in the controller cabinet while keeping a close eye on the weather and adhering to stringent Covid-19 restrictions.

Once the V39 was decommissioned and the rotor removed, new blades were loaded along with a new nacelle onto the existing tower. Electrical and Mechanical checks were carried out by our Field Engineers before sign off and Ofgem Re-accreditation of the new turbine. 

Clients benefit from Repowering as the outcome ensures more reliable turbine operations over an increased lifespan. Capacity has been increased with more power exported to the grid meaning increased revenues. We monitor all our turbines and going forward our team now has more confidence in the machine condition and there will be less faults and maintenance issues than with the older V39 model.

If you own a turbine and would like to chat to us about the feasibility of Repowering please get in touch with us here>>


Wind Turbine Repowering
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