Why everun

Bespoke software, technical expertise and a professional service. 

What our customers say...

‘A professional, trusted service partner who minimises the risks and takes away the hassle of managing a portfolio of small-scale wind turbines’  Albion Capital

We are easy to work with

We are a group of enthusiastic, highly experienced and passionate industry specialists. Our team of in-house professionals have expertise across the following key areas.

  • Field-based wind turbine technicians
  • Control centre engineers & analysts
  • Software development
  • Financial accounting
  • Asset management
  • Project management

We are professional and reliable

Monitoring, operating and maintaining your wind turbine to keep it generating maximum returns. In addition our flexible service can include asset and financial management module to remove all the hassle for you.

We are innovative and capable

Our bespoke software is used to constantly monitor your wind turbine. This unique platform provides:

  • 24 x 7 remote fault monitoring and remote resetting from our control centre
  • Comprehensive diagnostics for our engineers & technicians
  • Self-learning & predictive fault analysis
  • Wind Turbine performance analysis
  • Automated & transparent customer performance reporting